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Four Paws Positive is an animal behaviour and dog training company which provides a range of services including animal behaviour consultations, Tellington TTouch consultations, demonstrations, talks, workshops and personalised dog training.
We use only ethical, scientifically proven methods of behaviour modification based on positive reinforcement and reward based training. Although working primarily with dogs, we can help with many different types of companion animals.
No harsh or aversive methods such as choke chains, spray, prong or shock collars are used, nor is physical punishment or intimidation. We adhere to the IMDT code of ethics and are fully insured.
Based near Dunoon in Argyll, we provide personalised training, behaviour modification and Tellington TTouch Training talks and workshops throughout Scotland.
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Tellington TTouch Training is a kind and respectful method of working with animals to help them overcome a variety of health and behaviour issues. TTouch recognises the inextricable link between physical, emotional and mental balance  and uses bodywork, groundwork exercises and specific equipment to release tension, reduce stress and promote an overall sense of relaxation and well-being.
Animals are wonderful companions, but sometimes we struggle with or are embarrassed by their behaviour.
Consultations are specifically designed to help address unwanted behaviour such as aggression towards people or other dogs, guarding behaviour, fear or anxiety, separation issues such as isolation distress or hyper-attachment, destructiveness, boisterousness , noise sensitivity etc.  
Sometimes group dog classes are not the right environment for your dog. This might be because your dog is uncomfortable being in close proximity to other people or dogs, is anxious in a class environment , you have a new puppy or you are unable to attend classes on a regular basis.
We offer sessions specifically for new puppies to help you both get off to the best start and prevent behaviour problems in the future. These also  cover the usual issues puppies have as a normal part of their development such as toilet training, teething,  nipping and chewing, grooming and handling as well as laying the foundation for basic obedience. The emphasis is making the experience fun and strengthening your bond and enjoyment of your pup.
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Email: info@fourpawspositive.co.uk or phone 07495 773 411