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Sometimes group dog classes are not the right environment for your dog. This might be because your dog is uncomfortable being in close proximity to other people or dogs, is anxious in a class environment or it is hard for you to attend a weekly class due to other commitments .
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One-to-one training sessions can be purchased on a pay-as-you-go basis or as a block booking.

Individually booked sessions / pay-as-you-go
1 x 1 hour  £35

Block bookings
2 x 1 hour  £65
3 x 1 hour  £95
4 x 1 hour  £120

Travel costs are 40p per mile outside a 10 mile radius of Dunoon and may include local ferry costs depending on location.

Training sessions differ from addressing behaviour problems. If you would like help with problematic and already established unwanted behaviour  a behaviour consultation may be more appropriate. Please contact us if you are unsure.

Prices above are for one-to-ones with a single animal. If you would like training sessions with more than one animal then please contact us for price.

One-to-one training also allows you to focus on teaching your dog the behaviours that are important to you with the full attention of the trainer. Sessions can be customised to that your dog can learn the skills that are important for him/her to fit in with the lifestyle  you have as a family. This might include:

being able to settle quietly

coming when called

walking without pulling on the lead

being calm for handling and grooming

greeting visitors politely

One-to-one training sessions can be a great introduction to training for rescue dogs settling into their new home and are available at a discounted price. Please contact us for further details.

Email: info@fourpawspositive.co.uk or phone 07495 773 411