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Animals are wonderful companions but sometimes we struggle with, or are embarrassed by their behaviour.

Consultations are specifically designed to help address unwanted behaviour such as aggression towards people or other dogs, guarding of objects or spaces, fear or anxiety, separation issues such as isolation distress or hyper-attachment, destructiveness or boisterousness.   
Before the Consultation
On provisionally booking a consultation, you will be sent a questionnaire. This is to provide more detailed information on your pet, the behaviour problems you are experiencing and what you hope to achieve. This should be returned along with a deposit of £50 to confirm the consultation. Deposits can be paid by PayPal, cheque or BACS (bank details provided on request) and are non-refundable if cancelled. However, arrangements can be changed if more the 48 hours notice is given. Once the completed questionnaire has been returned you will be contacted to arrange a 20-30 minute phone call ahead of the first consultation visit. This will allow more detailed information to be gathered so that the consultation can be as hands-on as possible. The date and time of the consultation visit will also be arranged at this point.

It may be necessary to contact your vet to obtain relevant medical history. This will be discussed with you if required. In some cases you will be asked to visit your vet with your pet to rule out any health issues before the consultation takes place.

The Consultation
The initial consultation visit will last approximately 2 hours and will take place in your own home or at a mutually agreed venue.  At this consultation we will discuss the issues in detail, agree a management and behaviour modification plan and practice the training techniques so you feel confident you have everything you need to ensure the plan is successful.

Tellington TTouch Training can also be incorporated into a behaviour modification programme if appropriate and will be included in the consultation fee below.

After the initial consultation
You will be provided with a written Behaviour Modification Plan. This will include links to useful videos and further information that may help you. A summary of this report can be sent to your veterinary surgeon if requested.

Approximately 1 week after the consultation we will arrange to catch up by phone or email. This will enable us to review how the training or behaviour modification plan is progressing,  go over any areas you would like to clarify and modify the plan if necessary.

A follow-up session will be arranged 4-6 weeks after the initial consultation.

The Behaviour Modification Package includes 3 months telephone / e-mail support.
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It is important to recognise that resolving problem behaviours usually takes time, dedication and commitment. There is rarely a quick fix, particularly if the behaviour is well established.

If your pet develops sudden behaviour problems or an escalation in behaviour issues, you should visit your vet in the first instance to rule out any physical or biological causes.
What To Expect
Behaviour Modification Package   £150

Pre-consultation telephone call (20-30 minutes)

2 hour consultation

1 x 1 hour follow up session (discounted rate as part of this package)

written Behaviour Modification Plan

3 months email/telephone support

Additional 1 hour one-to-one behaviour follow-up  sessions £45 (discount for multiple additional sessions)

Travel costs are 40p per mile outside a 30 mile radius of Dunoon and may include local ferry costs depending on location.

Prices above are for behaviour consultations with a single animal. If you would like a consultation on more than one animal then please contact us for price.

Email: info@fourpawspositive.co.uk or phone 07495 773 411