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Tellington TTouch Training is a kind and respectful method of working with animals to help them overcome a variety of health and behaviour issues. TTouch recognises the inextricable link between physical, emotional and mental balance and uses bodywork and groundwork exercises and specific equipment to release tension, reduce stress and promote an over all sense of well-being.
Good physical balance positively influences emotional and mental states helping animals to be calmer and improving their ability to focus/ This enables them to develop improved self confidence and self control, the lack of which underlies most undesirable behaviours and interferes with their ability to learn.

Unwanted behaviours can often be attributed to underlying physical causes or is accompanied by areas of tension (muscle tightness) in the animal's body. These tension patterns can arise for a number of reasons including breed type, genetics, lack of training, poor diet, lack of socialisation, inappropriate management etc. Posture affects behaviour and vice versa so by helping to improve flexibility and physical balance we can help the animal become more flexible and balanced emotionally and mentally. It can also be used in conjunction with veterinary care to assist in the management and/or recovery from illness and injury in many animal species. Behaviours often helped by TTouch include:

  Dislike of Contact:  reluctance to be handled, grooming issues, hand shyness

  Noise Sensitivity:    fear of fireworks, gun shy, reactive to household and other noises

  Excessive Excitability:  boisterousness, inability to settle, lack of concentration

  Nervousness and Anxiety:  lack of confidence, timidity, fear biting, separation issues

  Poor Balance: clumsiness, leash pulling, stiffness, poor performance, travel issues

Developed over 35 years ago by internationally recognised animal expert, Linda Tellington Jones, TTouch is used widely in over 30 countries around the world by veterinary surgeons. vet nurses, shelter workers, zoo personnel, trainers, behaviourists, groomers, animal lovers and pet owners.  

Learn more about TTouch by booking an individual consultation for you and your pet or by attending a talk, demonstration or hands-on practical workshop. It is easy to learn a few techniques you can use at home.

Details of future workshops are on our Workshops page. Workshops can also be arranged for specific individuals or groups e.g. dog training clubs with the content arranged to suit your requirements. This might include TTouch for Puppies or Senior Dogs, Noise Sensitivity and Firework Fears, Improving Confidence with TTouch or a general introduction.

TTouch consultations and  workshops are available for a number of animal species, not just dogs. If you are interested in a 1-2-1 consultation or hosting a workshop, please contact us. More details are available on our Behaviour Consultations, 1-2-1 Training and Puppy 1-2-1 pages

Workshops and talks for staff/volunteers at rescue organisations are free of charge.
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